Unified project

Corte Lanfranconi was conceived from a distant vision, a dream of transforming a ruin into an enchanted oasis of peace. A few steps from the Adige and immersed in the countryside, the project comes to life and delicately integrates into the surrounding territory, becoming an integral part of it.


A few gestures, much passion

The materials used in its renovation belong to the history of the place. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to provide optimal comfort and the utmost respect for nature: rooms and exteriors feature oiled natural oak, Lessinia stone, and natural iron, seamlessly adapted to their respective functions.

Assenza di tempo e di spazio. Nulla si crea, tutto si trasforma. Finché non saremo liberi. Torneremo ancora.

Torneremo ancora, Franco Battiato

Uno spazio storico ricostruito per respirare libertà, gusto, convivialità
L’intimità da vivere all’interno di ambienti con un’anima storica e artistica

An immersive journey into the essence of the locations

Environmental respect, the central design concept, manifests in the creation of a bio-lakean aesthetic bathing reservoir crafted from freshwater, purified through a constructed wetland. Immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and inhale deeply the very essence of nature that envelops us. Taking care of oneself, nurturing both body and spirit.

Protagonista dell’esperienza è la parte esterna del relais. Un’altalena sul fiume, cullata dal suono delle cicale. Cibarsi della tradizione locale all’ombra di un portico con lo sguardo a perdita d’occhio sulle colline della Valpolicella. Godersi il tramonto sullo specchio d’acqua invaso da ninfee e piante acquatiche.


Indulge in the pleasure

Guests can unwind in a spacious lounge, settling into the embrace of a UP chair and diving into a good book as sunlight filters through the windows. A fully equipped kitchen invites you to feel at home, savouring locally sourced products expertly curated for your enjoyment.

The spaces within the rooms have been crafted to host artworks and ongoing impromptu exhibitions.

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