Moon Suite

Your journey to the moon starts among the vineyards lining the Adige River, surrounded by lush greenery and absolute tranquillity. Moon Suite, an independent apartment with a private entrance, offers an unparalleled view that leads you to another world. Enjoy the panoramic vista through the wide window in the living space, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere given by the gentle moonlight in the mezzanine sleeping area.



Moonlight Experience

The Moon Suite offers a spatial experience that takes you on a journey between the Moon and Earth. Here, lights, premium materials, and comfort provide a unique and unforgettable stay.


Moon Suite

Among the services:

Un’esperienza unica, emozionante come fare il primo passo sulla Luna

A universe of wellness

Imagine spending a night where the lines between heaven and earth dissolve in the glow of the moon and stars. Upon entering our Moon Suite, you'll experience a stay where time appears to halt, enveloped by the enchanting melody of tranquillity and 5-star environment. An equipped kitchen, an enveloping open fireplace, a spacious walk-in closet and a large terrace with a river view are at your disposal.

Questo è un piccolo passo per l'uomo, ma un grande balzo per l'umanità.

Neil Amstrong

Where your desires are truly fulfilled under the stars


A window among the stars

Moon Suite, an independent villa just a stone's throw from Verona, is nestled in an area steeped in excellence, surrounded by the richness of local products and fruits. Unwind and immerse yourself in a unique ambience to be shared with those who illuminate your life daily, much like the stars illuminate the night sky.

A pure loneliness and a deep peace. The best things that the moon can give men.

Haruki Murakami


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